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Famous actor Armaan Kapoor dies in a mysterious car accident. There are no signs of sabotage or any indications that Armaan tried to kill himself. As the nearby area is a well known red light district, the investigation becomes complicated. Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat is saddled with the investigation. Surjan and his wife Roshni's relationship has soured after accidental drowning of their son Karan. Surjan immerses himself in the case.

Preliminary investigation makes Surjan think that Armaan's death is related to blackmail, which leads him to Hotel Lido, a hotel used for prostitution ring. The investigation comes to a standstill there. Meanwhile, a pimp named Shashi is shocked to learn of Armaan's death, but tries to keep it a secret from his mistress Mallika and his deputy Temur. It is revealed that Armaan had paid that money to Shashi, but the latter knows nothing about what happened to Armaan. Here,Surjan runs into an escort named Rosie, who gives him a tip.

Surjan makes some more headway and correctly surmises that Shashi is the blackmailer. Meanwhile, a woman named Frenny comes to meet Roshni on the pretext that they are neighbours and secretly pockets an old photo of Karan. Here, Surjan interrogates both Mallika and Temur, who don't know Shashi's whereabouts. On learning about the blackmail, Temur becomes greedy. He calls a number from Shashi's old SIM, which he had earlier pocketed. It is revealed that after Armaan's death, Shashi has started blackmailing Armaan's friend Sanjay.

Mistakenly assuming that Shashi has become greedy, Sanjay has him killed. Here, Surjan runs into Frenny at a society function, where she reveals that Karan has a message to give to him. Surjan, who believes that Frenny is trying to fleece them, scolds her, but Roshni secretly starts meeting her. Here, Rosie starts giving information to Surjan whenever he hits a roadblock. After learning of Shashi's death, Temur decides to find out the truth. He sends Mallika back to prostitution in order to procure a bag that was with Shashi.

He finds a CD in the bag and starts watching it. In the CD, old footage of Lido shows Armaan, Sanjay and a third person - along with Rosie. Flashback reveals that Rosie was injured that day and Shashi had arranged for her treatment in private. Now, Temur blackmails Sanjay and it is implied that he and Rosie are playing a con. Here, in another meeting of Surjan and Rosie, she reveals that she had gone once with Armaan and his other friend, although she was ordered for their third friend Nikhil. Surjan goes to meet Nikhil on an impulse, only to find that Nikhil has been paralysed and bedridden since 3 years.

Meanwhile, Surjan learns about Roshni and Frenny's secret meetings. He has a shouting match with Roshni, where she accuses him of having an affair. Surjan doesn't retaliate and that same night, meets Rosie again. Rosie tells Surjan to rescue Mallika, who is in great trouble. Surjan saves Mallika from prostitution and in gratitude, Mallika decides to tell him the truth. Surjan realizes that Temur had an idea what this was all about, and now plans to keep Shashi's plan going. Here, Temur has made a plan, according to which he will take the money from Sanjay and give it to Nirmala, a prostitute he has a soft corner for. He assumes that she will decamp with the money if Sanjay double-crosses him.

Sanjay is called on the Church Gate Station with money. Just as Temur predicted, Sanjay sends goons after Temur to kill. Temur gives the money to Nirmala and gets caught by the goons after giving them a short chase. After being convinced that Temur is the only one who knows the secret, Sanjay orders the goons on the phone to kill Temur. Accordingly, they shoot him and live him to die on a construction site. As Temur is dying, he sees Rosie, who is apparently mad at him for double-crossing her. Temur plummets to death, while his killer slips off the stairs while trying to flee.

The killer is caught by Surjan, upon which he tells Surjan that he was hired by Sanjay. Surjan arrives with his subordinates at Sanjay's residence. On learning that he has been busted, Sanjay decides to tell the truth. He reveals that 3 years ago, he and Armaan were celebrating their friend Nikhil's birthday. Despite their protests, Nikhil ordered an escort named Simran from Hotel Lido. Nikhil tried to have sex with Simran in their car, but the car door unexpectedly opened, throwing both him and Simran on the road.

The boys took Nikhil to the hospital and fearing humiliation, asked Shashi to take care of her. Later, Shashi sent them the surveillance tape and started blackmailing them by telling them that Simran died. Surjan watches the footage and is surprised to see Rosie. After putting two and two together, Sanjay and Surjan realize that Shashi and Rosie aka "Simran" were duping them. Surjan hauls Sanjay to the police station. While driving, Surjan scolds Sanjay for what he did. Suddenly Surjan sees "Simran" in his rear view mirror.

He turns back, only to see that there is nobody there. Here, Sanjay is frightened - Surjan is driving his van into "Simran", who has appeared on the middle of the road from nowhere. Sanjay forcefully turns the van steering, causing it to fall in the water, just like Armaan's car did. Surjan finds himself trapped in the van and Sanjay dead. He tries to escape from the van that has drowned, when he sees "Simran" swimming towards the van. Simran rescues him.

With all the principle people in the case dead and the case officially closed, Surjan realizes that he was being led to the killers by Simran's ghost all along. As he recalls his talks with her, he realizes where she might have been buried. Surjan succeeds in finding the body, which he later cremates. Surjan goes to keep Simran's ring in his almirah, only to find a letter from his deceased son. As Surjan reads the letter on the spot where the accident occurred, he learns that his son wants to see Surjan and Roshni happy together. Roshni comes to the spot, searching for Surjan, whereupon they reconcile.# Aamir Khan as Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat
# Rani Mukerji as Roshni Shekhawat
# Kareena Kapoor as Rosie / Simran
# Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Taimur
# Shernaz Patel as Frenny
# Raj Kumar Yadav as Devrath Kulkarni
# Vivan Bhatena as Armaan Kapoor
# Pariva Pranati as Soniya Kapoor.[13]
# Aditi Vasudev as Mallika (Shashi's Girl Friend)
# Subrat Dutta as ShashiFollowing the release of her first film, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2007), Kagti was approached and offered to direct many films by several production houses.[14] However, unable to find any films that interested her, she began working on a new script with her friend Zoya Akhtar in early 2010.[14] Speaking about it, she said, "Zoya and I thought of the story and co-wrote it. We do a lot of writing together. We are also best friends so it is fun and there is a huge comfort factor."[14] Initially, Saif Ali Khan was approached to play the male lead but didn't sign the project due to date issues.[15] Upon finalizing the story, she approached Aamir Khan with the script in November 2010 and he agreed to produce and star in it.[16] Since the start of pre-production, the project has faced several speculations regarding its title.[17] In November 2011, Khan confirmed that the film was titled Talaash: The Answer Lies Within.[17]

In an interview with The Indian Express, Kagti revealed that a few months before casting Khan in the film, she had approached him with another project.[18] Later, Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor were signed on to star opposite Khan.[19] Prior to the start of principal photography, the actors attended acting workshops and signed a non-disclosure agreement.[20] To prepare for a key scene in the film, Khan took swimming lessons.[21]The principal photography for the film started in March 2011 with Khan and Mukerji in Mumbai.[8] For a scene involving Khan and Kapoor, it was reported that both the actors would shoot in a red-light district.[22] However, Kagti dismissed it and explained that it wouldn't be safe to do so. The scene was later shot at the Leopold Cafe on Colaba Causeway.[20] The film's second phase continued with the entire cast in Pondicherry and was completed by the end of August.[23] The final phase was expected to commence the following month in Khopoli with an underwater shot.[24]

Aamir, who never knew how to swim went under rigorous training for this underwater sequence. He was trained for three months under a specialist trainer and went well prepared for the shoot.[25] Due to visibility problems, it was cancelled and later filmed at an undisclosed water studio in London.[26] The filming was completed by November 2011 after some of the remaining shots were executed at the Bandstand Promenade.[27]Indiaglitz quoted, "Once again Ram Sampath has an unmatched compilation of tracks here. Along with Javed Akhtar's fantastic lyrics they have created a masterpiece here."[28] Bollyspice reviewed the album stating, "The soundtrack to Talaash is like a box of chocolates: it contains a little ‘good’ and a little ‘not so good’ in it. Yet it is still an album that is worth listening!".[29] Rediff reviewed, "Except a steady undercurrent of anxiety, the soundtrack of Talaash doesn't have a fixed theme or ambiance. Every song belongs to a unique genre and fosters the enigma of Kagti's suspense drama. And that's what makes Sampath's efforts truly appreciable."[30] Planet Bollywood said, "A film made by Aamir Khan Productions doesn’t need an item song or song for the masses to make it successful. Instead the music is made solely for the film in mind. If the listener can appreciate it before the release of the film then that is a bonus but that’s not essential."[31] Sify quoted, "Overall, the soundtrack is not out-of-the-box, but the overdose of electronic music doesn't bother either. Thus, it's an album which may not top the charts, but some songs could definitely make their way into many people's personal playlists."[32] Gomolo stated, "Ram Sampath is continuously giving very fresh and stunning music for Aamir. The album is full of fresh, scrumptious and susceptible tracks."[33] At Musicperk the album was summarized as, "Well,the answer lies within!", the tagline of the film itself.[34]Talaash: The Answer Lies Within tied up with Windows 8 for it's marketing.[35] Aamir Khan promoted the film on the crime detective series C.I.D..The episodes were aired on November 23 and 24,2012.[36][37] Aamir Khan visited Lucknow to promote Talaash: The Answer Lies Within.[38] Aamir Khan will appear in a TV special show 'Nayi Soch Ki Talaash Aamir Ke Saath' to promote Talaash.[39] Aamir Khan also visited Jalandhar for promotion purposes.[40] The premiere of the movie 'Talaash' was held at PVR Cinema in Mumbai on November 29, 2012.[41]Originally scheduled to release in October 2011, the film was postponed to its tentative release date of June 1, 2012.[42] Media reports claimed that the reason behind the delay was due to the similarities with Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani (2012); the director, however, went on to deny the reports.[42] On January 26, 2012, along with a digital poster of the film, the first teaser trailer of Talaash: The Answer Lies Within was released in theatres.[43] Due to Khan's prior commitment plans with his television show, co-producer Ritesh Sidhwani announced that the film would no longer be able to release on its tentative date as per planned and would officially release on November 30, 2012[44][45][46] Pre-bookings for Talaash: The Answer Lies Within opened on November 25, 2012 in all multiplexes of India. Talaash was released in 520 screens in overseas markets.It is new overseas record for an Aamir Khan starrer film. 3 Idiots was released in 415 screens overseas.[45][46][47] The estimate for the number of release screens in India is around 2,500.[48]

In February 2012, Reliance Entertainment acquired the distribution rights of the film for INR90 crore (US$16.38 million)[49] whilst its satellite rights were sold for INR40 crore (US$7.28 million).[43]Talaash received positive to mixed reviews from critics in India.[50] Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave Talaash a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars and said "Talaash: The Answer Lies Within is an outstanding film. A taut psychological thriller that keeps you guessing till the end, it leaves you spellbound, leaves you mesmerized, leaves you with an exclamation."[51] Aniruddha Guha of DNA India gave it 3.5 out 5 stars while commenting "Talaash successfully whets the appetite of all the Aamir Khan fans. As for the story, you can always trust Zoya Akhtar to give her best. Talaash is not a flawless film, but it is a fascinating tale that compels one to look beyond that which is evident. You can’t miss this one."[52] Saibal Chatterjee Of NDTV rated the film 3.5 out of 5 stars,noting"By no means is Talaash the end of your search for the perfect whodunit. But there is so much going for this compelling, slow-burning, well-acted tale set in the dark, grimy underbelly of Mumbai that you can barely take your eye off the screen."[53]

Meena Iyer of The Times of India award the film 3.5 out of 5, adding "You may not like Talaash, if mystery and intrigue set at a languid pace is not what you look out for in your matinee outing."[54] Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN gave it 3.5 out of 5 while remarking "It's a very watchable film but not an unforgettable one."[55] Aseem Chhabra for gave the film 3.5 out of 5,reviewing "In Talaash, Kagti weaves a complex web, and she colours it with the mood and the atmosphere she and her collaborators create. Talaash has the feel of a noir film.It is an intelligent film but falters towards the end."[56] Anupama Chopra of Hindustan Times gave it 3 out of 5,stating "For once, I also feel the need to explain my rating: I wanted to give four stars to the first half and two stars to the second half, so it averages out to three. See Talaash and do post comments. I'm curious to see how many were as furious as me."[57]

India Today gave 3.5 out 5 to Talaash and stated "Talaash creates its chills primarily tapping into the dark side of the mind, which makes it an unusual Bollywood film. Any resemblance to Joseph Payne Brennan and Donald M. Grant's 1979 novella, Act Of Providence, is purely coincidental."[58] Raja Sen for Rediff has given 2.5 out of 5 stars while adding that "Talaash is well made and strongly acted but is not as enjoyable to watch as it deserved to be."[59] Shubra Gupta of The Indian Express rated the film 2.5 out of 5,remarking "Talaash starts out as a smart, well-written noir-ish thriller, and then slips between the tracks. Pity about the second half."[60] Deccan Chronicle gave 2 out of 5 and stated "See Talaash only if you believe that Aamir Khan can do no wrong. Otherwise you’ll be left with a sinking feeling."[61] The Hindu stated that "It’s not like we haven’t seen anything like this before. If Kahaani used a key scene from a film called Taking Lives as a final twist, Talaash uses one of the most abused endings of this genre."[62] Firstpost stated that Talaash is a brave effort. Mainstream Boll

Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photo



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