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Kareena Kapoor Hot Song

Kareena Kapoor Hot Song Biography
Kya Love Story Hai is the story of a carefree and wayward youth, Arjun Tusshar Kapoor, who experiences love-at-first-sight with Kaajal Ayesha Takia. It isn't a typical meet-cute situation - he follows her for some time before succeeding in breaking the ice. For Kaajal, Arjun is a mere acquaintance, but the latter is in love with her and afraid of conveying his feelings. On befriending her, he learns that she lost her mother years back and that her father was busy traveling abroad on business. A situation arises when Kaajal comes across a letter, which Arjun has written for the girl he loves, but she doesn't know to whom he is referring. Arjun deliberately asks her how she would reciprocate his love if she were the girl he was in love with? Kaajal's reply leaves Arjun self-introspecting, making him mysteriously disappear from the scene. In the mean time, a successful and snooty entrepreneur meets Kaajal... Written by Taran Adarsh  Kajal (age 20)
Ayesha Takia plays Kajal, a young independent girl who knows exactly what she wants. She lost her mother at a young age and her father was busy traveling abroad on business. She's studying and works part-time as well. She's a hardworking girl of today's generation with that innate drive and vigor.
Kajal has always dreamed of a particular guy in her life who has to be someone who creates his own destiny. Someone who doesn't take on an inheritance and enjoy on the riches but is self made. She met Arjun who is good-for-nothing type of a guy. So when she actually comes to know him more and more, she realizes what she wanted in life was not right.
[edit]Arjun (age 25)
Tushaar Kapoor plays Arjun, A young man whose parents are no more, he has inherited a fortune from them and is now living a carefree life sans any worries. He is not concerned about his future since he has a glorious present to live.
He experiences love-at-first-sight with Kaajal but as he knows more about her he got to know that he is not the perfect man for her.
[edit]Ranveer (age 32)
Karan Hukku plays Ranveer, a guy who is very focused and hardworking. He lost his father at a very young age and so he has seen the hard part of life. He always thinks about his work. He doesn’t know how to party or have fun.
Kajal falls in love with Ranveer because he is the ideal guy for her who is very hard working. He is much focused and his main agenda is to make his mother happy.
[edit]Vanilla (age 28)
Liza Ackermann plays Vanilla the love interest of Chiku, who is Arjun's friend. Unfortunately, Vanilla already has a fiance, which leads to a comical fight in a nightclub where Arjun steps in to save the day.

Director: Lovely Singh
Story / Writer: Rahul Singh
Screenplay: Rahul Singh
Dialogue: Niranjan Iyengar
Producer:N.R Pachisia
Associate Producer: Pravin Talreja
Music Director: Pritam
lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
music label: T-Series
Editor: Steven Bernard
Cinematography: Rajeev Shrivastava
Choreography: Rajeev Soorti
Singers: Shaan, Alisha Chinoy, Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala, Joy, Jolly Mukherjee, Zubeen Garg
Costume Designer: Manish Malhotra
Makeup: Vijay Paswan (Ayesha Takia), Jitendra Sawant (Tusshar Kapoor), Raju Babu
Hair Dresser: Rekha Patil (Ayesha Takia), Jatashika Bandari (Tusshar Kapoor)
Line Producer: Abhisekh Goel
Graphics: Rajnish Mishra
Overseas distributor: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
What a Love Story) is a 2007 Bollywood film starring Ayesha Takia and Tusshar Kapoor in the lead roles. It is directed by debutant Lovely Singh and produced by Adlabs Films Ltd and V R Entertainers. The film was shot in Cape Town, South Africa. The tagline of the movie is What if... Simplicity is all you needThe story of a woman's plan to find and marry a successful and self-made male.
The song "Its Rocking" is a remake/remix of the very popular 1957 song "Ude jab jab zulfein teri" which was sung by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi for Bollywood film Naya Duar.
Song Singer(s) Duration Picturised on
I Miss You Every Day Shaan 5.32 Ayesha Takia and Tusshar Kapoor
It's Rocking Alisha Chinoy 4.59 Kareena Kapoor
Gumsum Hai Dil Mera Sonu Nigam 5.14 Ayesha Takia and Tusshar Kapoor
Aye Khuda Kunal Ganjawala 4.17 Ayesha Takia, Tusshar Kapoor and Karan Hukka
Deewana Teri Aankhon Ka Joy, Jojo 3.45 Ayesha Takia and Karan Hukka
Jeena Kya Tere Bina Zubeen Garg 6.05 Ayesha Takia, Tusshar Kapoor and Karan Hukka
I Miss You Every Day - Remix Shaan 5.11
Jeena Kya Tere Bina - Remix Zubeen Garg 5.45
[edit]Box office

[edit]U.K Business
SOURCE : The New York Times
Weekend Position Weekend Gross Cumulative Gross # of Theaters
20–22 April 2007 22 £26,297 £26,297 17
27–29 April 2007 33 £5,236 £45,797 15
4–6 May 2007 55 £924 £53,717 02
11 – 13 May 2007 80 £540 £55,181 01
[edit]India Business
SOURCE : BoxOfficeIndia
Week No. Position Week Gross Total Gross # of Theaters
1. 01 Rs. 28,40,00,00 Rs. 28,40,00,00 339
2. 05 Rs. 2,70,00,00 Rs. 31,10,00,00 100
3. 10 Rs. 20,00,00 Rs. 31,30,00,00 10
Directed by Lovely Singh
Produced by Adlabs Films Ltd
V R Entertainers
Written by Rahul Singh
Starring Ayesha Takia
Tusshar Kapoor
Karan Hukku
Rajesh Khattar
Rahul Singh
Poonam Gipson
Music by Pritam
Release date(s) 20 April 2007
Language Hindi
Budget App. 60-70 million
Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song
 Kareena Kapoor Hot Song

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